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Setting vehicles apart one RaceMesh Grille at a time! 


High Quality Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh

Get that Aggressive Sporty Look and express the Sophisticated Elegance associated with an authentic woven wire stainless steel "Custom" RaceMesh™ Grille for your vehicle.

Family owned and operated. Offering our customers an OE (Original Equipment), yet custom look to your vehicle. Custom grilles the way the factory should have built them in the first place for your vehicle. We can offer you body color painted parts (grille shells / frames), as well as body color & custom color RaceMesh. Many options for you to choose from as well as completely custom builds!

5 Styles of RaceMesh weave (Quality Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh)

- Glacier style weave (Round Paired Wire) - SPECIAL ORDER

- Original style weave (Round Wire)

- Original style Crimped weave (Round Crimped Wire)
- Gothic style weave (Flat Wire)

STOUT Style weave (Round Wire / THICK)

8 standard colors of RaceMesh (as well as custom colors / finishes)
- Stainless Steel ( Satin / Gun Metal look )
- Super Chrome ( Chrome look )
- Tuxedo Black Wrinkle powder coat ( Wrinkle texture )
- Silver Leopard powder coat ( Carbon Fiber look )
- Black Chrome powder coat
. Flat Black powder coat
. Semi-Gloss Black powder coat
. Gloss Black powder coat
+ PLUS Custom Colors (powder coat)

STOUT Style Weave

Not available in all applications

 Glacier Style Weave 

Not available in all applications


Original Style Weave


Original CRIMP Style Weave

Applied in most Truck & SUV applications.

Gothic Style Weave

Not available in all applications.


Side by Side of 4 Black Color Tones

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Installation Instructions

Instructions are provided with each order ( online instructions are listed on the SHIPPING LABEL on the box, and we email the Shipping Delivery Confirmation information at time of shipment ). Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have installation questions!

Email:  [email protected]     

Phone:  925.628.7502

( Monday - Friday 10:00AM - 5:00PM PST )

RaceMesh FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Q:   How do your RaceMesh™ Grilles differ from other manufacturers?

A:   Clean, Custom, Made To Order specifically for each customer, hand made. We do not stock any of our products. In most of our upper grille applications, RaceMesh is built directly into new factory parts (in some cases aftermarket OE replica) that come to you as a fully assembled, Plug n Play unit that completely replaces your stock factory grille. In most cases, you simply remove your stock grille and replace with our new RaceMesh modified grille, for a true factory fit and finish, yet personally customized application. Some of our lower valance grilles are also full replacement units. Most of our Lower Valance units are an overlay design, and are framed in a beautiful black flexible PVC rubberized trim to protect the vehicles paint finish.

We feel that we offer more finishes, styles, and customization options than any other company. Each RaceMesh order is "made to order" to suit each customers individual requirements and needs, for a truly custom experience.

Q:   Do you sell sheets of the RaceMesh™ Grille material?

 A:   No, we don't sell the raw material. We do offer custom RaceMesh Grilles and do accept your template(s) that we will fulfill to the desired specifications. Please contact us for a custom quote and availability.

Q:   Why is the average turn around time frame approximate 24 - 30 days to produce a RaceMesh™ Grille once the order is placed?

A:   RaceMesh has an approximate 24 - 30 day turn around (production backlog) time frame. We process each order on first come first served bases. Each RaceMesh™ Grille order is "made to order" and not stocked. Some products require extra time to assemble to the customers requirements which can include the finish type, special paint requirements, as well as multiple parts in the single order such as, upper and lower grilles as well as special custom inserts for various openings on the vehicle. Many of our standard lower intake orders are turned around in less than 30 days. Additionally, we are a small family owned and operated custom woven wire mesh specialty company, and fulfill each customers order in the order received. We are thankful for the very high demand for our quality custom designed and built RaceMesh™ Grilles.

 Q:   For the RaceMesh™ Kidney Grilles (some models), how is the Hood Catch release handled?

A:   Since the OEM Hood Catch release arm protrudes forward between the vertical slats of the OEM grill, it needs to be slightly modified since this path is gone once the RaceMesh kidneys are installed. The new path is through the RaceMesh with the use of a pull wire attached to the OEM hood catch. 

Illustrated detailed instructions are provided with each RaceMesh™ Kidney Grille.

 Q:   Can I send RaceMesh my stock (OEM) parts for customization?

 A:   Generally no, we find this difficult to manage various customers parts. Also, if there are shipping delays, damage to your parts during shipment, etc... this adds more time / delays / overhead to managing and producing your order.

Another reason is that your parts my have a fair amount of road rash damage, and not look new once we have applied the RaceMesh touch to them. We much prefer to utilize new parts in our RaceMesh Grilles custom builds. However, in some cases we can possibly work out some arrangement to work with your used / new parts.

Q:   Do you have any Distributors / Installers that stock / install RaceMesh Grilles?

 A:   No, RaceMesh Grilles "Drop-Ships" each order direct to the customer, but many of our authorized Distributors do offer local installs for customers on request. We have no designated/authorized installers. If you are local to RaceMesh Grilles, we can possibly offer installations as well as "One-Off" custom design/build/assemblies. Please contact us for details & availability.

Q:   What is ElectroPolished Stainless Steel?

A:   Electropolishing is an electrochemical process by which surface metal is removed by anodic dissolution. Sometimes referred to as "reverse plating", electropolishing actually removes metal starting with the high points within the microscopic surface texture. By removing these points, electropolishing will improve the surface finish, leaving a smoother and more reflective surface. 

Electropolishing is accomplished by altering the electrode potential of metal piece within a heated electrolyte bath. A cathode is assembled to mirror the surface of the piece. When current is supplied, the electrical charge causes metal ions to be dissolved from the surface of the working piece. The key to the process is the differences in the current density across the microscopic surface. The current density is greatest at high points and lowest at the low points. The rate of the electrochemical reaction is directly proportional to the current density. The increased current density at the raised points causes the metal to dissolve faster at these points and thus levels the surface material.


The most striking benefit of electropolishing is the reflective physical appearance. Electropolishing is a non-mechanical process. No tools come in contact with the piece so there is no risk of creating directional polishing lines. The material is treated electrochemically, leaving a microscopically smooth surface that is highly reflective and has a bright appearance.

Corrosion resistance:

Surface contaminants, including grease, dirt, and iron, are inherent to the metal fabrication process. Mechanical cutting and polishing will leave abrasives and iron particles embedded in the metal. The presence of surface contaminates will disrupt the formation of stainless steels' naturally corrosion resistant surface layer. Electropolishing removes surface material and surface contaminates, and promotes the formation of a thick (greater than 20 angstroms), uniform and protective passive oxide layer. 

Mechanical fabrication can create local galvanic differences. Both contaminates and residual stresses within the cold worked surface layer may produce localized galvanic corrosion cells. Electropolishing removes the outermost surface material, and thus minimizes the possibility of local corrosion cells and leaves the surface with an even electrode potential. The improved corrosion resistance is quantifiable and reproducible.

© RaceMesh™ Grilles All Rights Reserved

Designed, Engineered, Manufactured and Built by RaceMesh™